input type=file'' accept pdf

PDF.JS library is initialized taking the object url as the source url of the PDF. Works with type="file" inputs. I want to restrict only image file. coopster. File input 'accept' attribute-is it useful? Note: This method used to look at just the filename, specifically the file extension. Welcome to Intellipaat Community. Valid Accept types for HTML input tag. Si vous tentez d'afficher un type de fichier particulier (par exemple, WAV ou PDF), alors ce sera presque toujours le travail... Répondu le 6 de Août, 2012 par Dom ( … 0. The Low Down. works in both FF and Chrome. "image/x-eps,application/pdf". Like this I am adding multiple files, now i want to give validations for the files to accept only pdf and jpg and it should not exceed 3 mb, I added one java script function to do this, but I am able to give validations to only the first file, It's not working for remaining files which are added with hyperlink(Add Button),The java script function which i used is: Example. When the form is submitted, the selected files are uploaded to the server, along with their name and type. Wow. xls, xlsx.