japanese roll cake

Add more cream along the short edge of the cake which is to be rolled first. If you are using a stand mixer, it’s more powerful, so before you get too lose to the final stage, remove the bowl from the stand mixer and whip with your hand whisk. Hope this helps! 6 / 67g left. Yes. Thank you for your response, Naomi.. Thank you! Place the egg and the sugar in a large bowl and beat over the hot water with an electric hand whisk … . , I just posted it on your fb page . I followed exactly as instructed – roll looks the same and tasts great! , I really like your recipe for the Matcha swiss roll. Hi Stephen! My oven is pretty big, and maybe your sponge cake doesn’t even need to be in the oven for that long (since it’s thin sponge). Clearly, there is fault to this recipe which I will make another attempt unless with the addition of oil. Thank you very much for your kind feedback! We’ll make sure to add the recipe to Nami’s list. I am not a huge fan of calculating the ingredients to adjust the recipe, so I usually go for doubling method, but it’s up to you… Some recipes are hard to divide eggs etc. As you may know, already most of the Japanese recipes tell you to beat cold egg whites without cream of tartar to make meringues. Do I need to change anything else? Do not let the milk come to a boil. If you’re using a convection oven, you must reduce the oven by 25 ºF. Some matcha roll cakes include anko, sweet red bean paste, inside the whipped cream filling. You can cut thin or cut into rounds and cut in half… It’s harder to cut into thin rounds. My only concern is when you roll the sponge. Once the liquid (chocolate milk in our case here) is introduced to the flour, do not over mix. The main mistake I made was not reading about how to select and use matcha so my cake was not bright green like yours. Tiramisu Cake Roll - Espresso flavored cake sponge brushed with a coffee-liqueur syrup and filled with a Mascarpone Cheese Whipped Cream. Egg whites should be whipped in a clean and dry. I’ve updated all my cake flour recipes to have a standard 120 g per cup. Buy our best-selling e-cookbook full of 33 easy and simple Japanese recipes! Hi can I use a normal baking sheet instead of a jelly roll tray? To avoid this from happening again. Thank you ~ ^^, Hi Shriya! if i use conventional oven how hot will the temperature have to be? It was extremely difficult to spread the finished batter into the baking pan (it was lumpy and sticky). My husband loved it. I don’t know how to describe it…) next day. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the footer of our emails. Using an offset spatula, spread the matcha cream mixture evenly over the cake, leaving a ½-inch border on all sides. I waited until it was properly cool, much longer than 30 mins as suggested. One problem tho, my roll had very hideous “holes” . I was concerning the same as one of the reviewer (Weini) did of whether to include any oil. In a large bowl, add the egg yolks and break them. As long as the cream is spread out evenly (with a bit more along the short edge as per #7), the amount of cream in this recipe will allow the sheet cake to hold up without cracking due to large gaps. This will make it thicken so much faster, the same way that heavy whipping cream thickens faster the colder it is. I’ve made hard sponge before myself… Hopefully, you can figure out the cause. Nami. I know you used a 38cm x 25cm pan, however, I only have a 39cm x 29cm pan at home. Can this recipe be used to make a normal matcha cake or will the sponge be too light? We wish we can taste it. Happy Baking! walnuts, vanilla extract, raisins, all purpose flour, granulated sugar and 15 more. The whole family loved it and I will definitely be making it again! Hi Ellie! I hope you have someone kind to enjoy your cake!). I wanted to incorporate red bean into the filling- how much do I add and how do I add it? As for eggs, mine is 50g each. Hi Vicky! . Hi Chris! You can add cocoa or mocha powder to the cake. In a small sauce pan, heat the milk and cocoa powder on medium heat until powder is fully dissolved. You’re an amazing baker! Once you take it out, it’s hard (from being cold in the fridge). When the cake is completely cool, combine the heavy cream, sugar, and matcha powder in a large bowl. Line a 8 X 12" rectangular cake pan with parchment paper. While the pan is still hot, place a sheet of parchment paper and a baking sheet (or a cutting board) on top. Always whip egg whites in a clean and dry boil non-plastic bowl free of oil and water. The recipe was adapted from this Japanese cookbook. Thanks! Looking at your video again, mine was a little bit golden too on the edge. Just maded it, the swiss roll is so delicious! Matcha roll cake tasted great, but it cracked and fell to pieces when I tried to roll it. Hope you enjoy the recipe! At first I was going to make it with half sheet, but the outcome is so much better with a jelly roll cake pan (this sheet is specifically for this type of cake…). The egg yolk batter volume is a bit less than the one u showed. My family is always looking forward to dishes I make from them! INDULGEWITHMIMI.COM UNAUTHORIZED USE OR DUPLICATION OF THE MATERIAL ON THIS SITE WITHOUT EXPRESS AND WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM THE BLOG AUTHOR AND OWNER IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED, Ghirardelli Unsweetened Dutch Process Cocoa Pouch, 8 oz, McCormick Gourmet All Natural Cream Of Tartar, 2.62 oz, PaperChef Culinary Parchment Multipurpose Non-Stick Paper, 205 sq ft, Wilton Industries Perfect Results Mega Cooling Rack, Black, RYBACK Stainless Steel Egg White Yolk Filter Separator Cooking Tool Dishwasher Safe Chef Kitchen Gadget, Vollrath 47934 4-Quart Economy Mixing Bowl, Stainless Steel, Cuisinart CTG-00-3MS Set of 3 Fine Mesh Stainless Steel Strainers, Super Fluffy and Soft Japanese Chocolate Cake Roll. I made this cake and it turned out dry like others have mentioned. Btw, loved your Shioyaki salmon recipe and your Almond cookies, both a success! Japanese Cake Japanese Cake - Green Tea Roll Cake. Hi Sheena! For the cake, can I make it a day in advance then put the whipped cream on the next day? Yes, you can do egg mixture, dry ingredients, and egg white mixture in that order too. what’s the trick to get the cake more fluffy? . Hope this helps! I had not made with chocolate (cacao powder) before, but usually when you make with cacao powder, you subtract the dry ingredient flour. Hmm, my first thought is you may overbake the cake. , Hi Lisa! Hope this helps! Hi! You can send me pictures via email or share the photo with me on Instagram (use #justonecookbook) or FB (post to JOC page). WOW 2 sets!!!!!! Traditional Japanese desserts make a refreshing break from their heavier western counterparts. I’ve never tried that before, so I’m not too sure. I followed your video tutorial as well. Hi Nami! Thank you so much for trying this recipe! Thank you so much for trying this recipe! Enjoy! Thank you so much for putting the effort! I’ll appreciate if you post deco roll recipe soon..coz I need it for my daughter’s b’day.. Do you know what might have happened or how I could get this right next time? Thank you so much!!! When it comes to Asian sweets, you have to know one more expression to complement the dessert, and that is “oh, this dessert is not so sweet.” What it really means is the sweetness is just right. The Genoise method creates a more moist texture but Biscuit creates a lighter texture. Maybe add slightly more moisture to the batter and reduce the temperature or baking time a little bit. Thank you so much for your kind feedback. If the powdered matcha wasn’t fully mixed in the whipped cream, the color gets darker as matcha starts to incorporate into the whipped cream (slightly green/white to entirely green color). Hi I hv been baking using this recipe twice and follow exactly the steps but I’m not sure how come my cake turned out to b dry? I’ve been just flipping once … Sigh, Hi Haily! In a clean bowl, whip egg whites until stiff peaks develop. Looking at my video (https://youtu.be/27ol1zZJyPQ?t=257) how much drier yours was? If you visit Japan, you will find them all over the country – from fancy versions at bakeries and pastry shops, to more affordable ones at grocery stores or convenience stores. For the whipped cream filling, I like mine to enhance more matcha flavor, so I included matcha powder in my whipped cream, but that’s optional. Create a well in the center. Transfer the dry ingredients into the bowl, set the sieve over the parchment paper and sift 2 more times (total 3 times). Increase speed to med-high, whip until stiff peaks. Amazing recipe, by the way! I’ll take a look. I tried this today but the cake turned out dry. Sure, that’s smaller, so you will get a thicker spongecake if you use all the batter. Look at this link. So much respect and adoration for Japanese cooking! Thanks! You can find flavors such as vanilla, cocoa, chocolate, tiramisu, coffee, strawberry, lemon, raspberry, and so on. Hmmm… Honestly I am not sure as I’ve never done it something like this… Sorry I really wish I could tell you or give advice…. Then add the mixture back into the egg whites. The color of matcha is the quality of matcha. Can you use coffee instead of milk and see how it goes? But nothing tastes better than homemade food so I really want to try making it but no sure where to start. Its baking while typing this. It’s a little dry… I will try again one minute less next time thank you! You don’t need any oil or butter for the cake? Inside it, add yolks, oil, vanilla extract and chocolate milk mixture. , Thank you Nami! Hi Stellar! Buy our best-selling e-cookbook for 33 more easy and simple recipes! Please do not use my images without my permission. So you use high speed to make the meringue, but when it’s almost done, slow down and whisk everything in a slow/medium speed. Great cake! 52 % 21g Carbs. Wearing the oven mitts, flip the baking sheets together (with the cake sandwiched in between). Stop when it start to get stiff. The result was similar, but if you look out for swiss roll recipes out there, majority of swiss roll recipes require dry ingredients to be added at final step. It won’t change much after you bake, and you probably saw this not so pleasant color even before you start preparing. . If you have leftovers, just re-wrap the swiss roll in a plastic wrap and store in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Thank you so much for your kind feedback! See the size difference: http://www.finecooking.com/article/jelly-roll-pan-vs-sheet-pan. Perfect for die hard caramel fans. With a fan, you have to reduce the temperature by -25F and it will dry out the food fast. Transfer it to your serving dish. Hi Nami-san, thank you for the good recommendation, Match Swiss roll. I am intending to have white cream filling with bits of strawberry in it. Thanks a lot for the amazing recipe! Thank you for posting these wonderful recipes, some of them have become my to-go breakfast/deserts~ I tried to make these matcha swiss rolls today and mine completely cracked lol, also I think my sponge turned out a little dry. Also the whipcream I think I overbeat them because at first it was a pale green the one in your pictures and then after thay it turnes dark green. It’s easier to cut when it’s hard, but when you eat, it’s nice to soften a bit… but should be enjoyed slightly chilled. He’s never had it before and doesn’t like very sweet desserts anyway. Hi Rose! 33 % 6g Fat. Thank you so much for this recipe. Fat 61g. Hope this helps! I honestly really enjoyed this recipe the two times I made it. How can I get it to come out green like yours? Check on it every 10-15 minutes and give it a gentle stir. Bring the egg whites to a stiff peak. Well, don’t worry about flipping, as long as it looks good and delicious. If I would like to make this Swiss roll, but in vanilla flavour + chopped fruits, what do I replace the matcha with? 190C is too hot – my humble opinion. Hi Zarie! Well, you can only tell matcha quality by 1) looking at it and 2) tasting it. . You may … So that you can see it. American jelly roll pan is bigger than the Asian (Japanese) size. If you have a soft spot for anything matcha (green tea), I am pretty sure you’re going to be as obsessed with this cake as I am. A couple things about the usage of papers in this process – I didn’t line my jelly roll pan with parchment paper because I struggled for 10 minutes trying to fold and tweak stubborn paper to fit nicely into the pan to no avail. The sophisticated cheese souffle looked a bit embarrassing to shiw anyonne . Thanks for this recipe. Try to take out 1-2 minutes earlier to see the difference. It does not include any oil. LOL. , Hi! Hold both baking sheets and flip the cake over so that brown side is facing up. We are so happy to hear the cake turned out fine with almond milk and your husband loved it! The sweetness of this was absolutely perfect! My family loves it a lot! I mean loved it! Because other matcha tea from “culinary use” announces to be more bitter and astringent Thanks for your help, Hi Ruth! I actually tried it both ways as I make my chiffon cake in order of mixing in dry ingredients first before adding egg whites (https://www.justonecookbook.com/green-tea-chiffon-cake/). Place another “protective” sheet of parchment paper and baking sheet on top. I think this is why some others have had issues with a hard sponge. I chose the Biscuit method this time. Fantastic! Thank you very much for the update! I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed it. Remove the baking sheet and place the cake on the working surface. Thanks! . Hope this helps! Do you know if it’s possible to freeze the cake once it’s rolled with the cream inside and then thaw it later or that would ruin the texture? http://www.kyusuteas.com/te-verde/matcha-gokou-obubu, Hi Ruth! Hi, how do I alter the flour proportion if I want to make a chocolate swiss roll instead of matcha? thank you. And which products you use? Does chilling the cake roll dry it out further? I’m glad to hear you had no issue with rolling and the cake came out moist! For more matcha dessert recipes, click here. does halving the amount of sugar affect the dryness of the cake? Hi Eileen! You mentioned that your batter is not enough, did you use a jelly roll cake pan, or half sheet? 27 / 2,300g left. Carefully separate the egg whites and yolks. Thank you for your kind words and feedback. Hi Kay! If you overmix, the sponge gets tough, but since it’s dry, maybe you can finish cooking earlier or add more moisture… Hope this tip helps… . Again, it’s also up to you. It was a lot of fun to make, and thank you so much for sharing this delightful recipe! I doubt if u over mix the egg yolk? Diagonally slice off ¼ inch (1 cm) one side of the cake (shorter end). Thank you for trying this recipe. The cake has muscle memory so it’s easier to roll up again with fillings. The way to do this is to first run the spatula (or whisk) around the side, then along the base of the bowl. Instead, I buttered the bottom and ONLY the bottom of the pan, so that the cake could stick to and rise up the sides; when the cake was done baking, I loosened the sides with a spatula, then flipped the pan upside down per Nami-san’s instructions and that worked very well. Yes, you can use that or a tea towel. . It will break if it’s cooled down already. Because it’s a thin cake, it’s best to avoid baking slowly; otherwise the cake will be dry. In cake roll, dry ingredients at the end whilst in chiffon, flour is added to yolks. Hi Maria! Thank you very much:). Thank you so much for trying this recipe and I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed it! Hi Sev, Thank you very much for trying this recipe! But I understand that our ovens are different, we have different ingredients, and it’s possible that we just can’t produce the same result sometimes. I wanted to make a cake with layers. Sugar turns into moisture in the cake and you have to be very careful cutting down. Thank you for trying this recipe! Also, the more refined the tea, the less sugar you would have to use in this recipe? I made the red bean paste and put a layer of it. Will it be fine if I substitute it with honey? It came out perfect, it’s “resting” in the fridge now but I couldn’t resist tasting a bit……. If you look at American Swiss Roll recipes, probably 80% of recipes that I know is 375 ºF (190 ºC). Please let us know how it goes if you try it. We added to Nami’s list!. The store offers it: “It is a tea of ceremonial grade, it is made with a variety of tea plant called Gokou, which makes a matcha more creamy than normal. It’s hard to know but you may really want to test your actual baking time by inserting a skier / touching the surface of the cake (until it bounces back). The size is different and if you use a half sheet cake pan, the batter won’t be enough. can you tell me some idea ??? In general, we never use creme of tartar but hold the egg whites very well. The side facing up will eventually become the top of the cake roll. Hi Ines! Can I use sponge flour instead of cake flour? First thing first, I really hope that you used gram measurement (I always do for my baking recipes) because people tend to put way too much flour when it’s measured with a cup (see this post: https://www.justonecookbook.com/how-to-measure-flour/). Hi Daru! . Gently fold 1/3 of the meringue into the chocolate-flour mixture to get it moving. Hi! Now fold the mixture over onto itself. I used the jelly roll pan. Each oven is different, and often times, the oven temperature specified is actually not the exact oven temperature inside the oven. After mixing one third of the beaten egg whites into the egg yolks, I mixed the dry ingredients in. Thank you for trying this recipe! I shall certainly make it again. They are just not very pleasant looking what did I do to make the air pockets so much bigger than normal? The quality is still reasonably good. Vanilla sponge Make sure when you swap, the liquid and dry ingredients ratio won’t change. Hi Nami! Thank you : ), Hi Ebony! Yeah, Japanese sweets are not sweet, so it might be disappointing if you really love sweet desserts. Unfortunately the roll came out a bit chewy. Maybe that might help? We hope this helps! In a large mixing bowl, add in sugar, baking soda, first portion of cream of tartar and salt. n64 I currently don’t have it on the site… you can replace matcha with cocoa powder too. The only thing I changed was using 1% milk instead of whole milk and using greased aluminum foil instead of parchment paper for lining. Thanks! It is very delicious and very easy to make. Hi Joyce! The best Matcha powder I have found in my local supermarkets is Ito-en’s Matcha Love tea, in the natural foods section. My matcha is about $9-10 for 1 oz, yet it still has nice bright green color when you open. Remove the pan from the oven and drop the pan on your working space once to prevent the cake from shrinkage. Thank you for trying this recipe and for your kind feedback!♥️, Hi Nami! Flip cake over onto the rack, gently remove paper. For the class, you will probably need to make two at least. When peeling off the parchment, try to remove as much of the “skin” as possible. . I’m assuming you’re not from here since you mentioned most of recipes you know it’s 160-180C. Log Food. Hi Dee! Try to remove as much of the "skin" as possible since the cake will look better with exposed crumbs. Hi Nami! Cakes are served in many sizes, flavors, and textures. Airy and not overly sweet with all the chocolate goodness, it's so easy to indulge in the whole cake all by yourself! I need to be more courageous with taking things out at the specified time). Super Fluffy and Soft Japanese Chocolate Cake Roll Japanese style chocolate cake roll made from a super soft and fluffy chiffon cake that melts in the mouth. Hi! If you keep matcha for more than a month, it gets oxidized and become yellow-green/brown as well. Will definitely become a favorite bar din this recipe, it ’ s warm and flexible a. Rectangular cake pan, I can stop and observe the whipped cream on the next day decreasing the sugar affects... Stored in the oven step 1 of my tasting stage of this roll cake even for drinking cuz overmixed! Recepie and it came out on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and matcha I. The only difference we may have overcooked a little party and it ’ s has... Made hard sponge before myself… Hopefully, you see it has bright green color when you re... Readers ’ matcha swiss roll?????????! Follow your chiffon cake steps to make the air bubble inside the and! Cream… make sure to add the cold egg whites the jelly roll pan a few times before filming recipe! I saw the advice that says to switch to slower to make a refreshing break from heavier... Reach the maximum volume a presentation plate fridge/freezer until you ’ re not burning! My experience cow milk free more swiss roll to a flat surface and unroll the cake on the you! On both sides eggs and mix with dry ingredients at the end result slice off inch. – well structured instructions, great tips, such a nicely balanced recipe add it? this store is oven. The beautiful roll dry side place chocolate in a large bowl far in advance then put the milk I know... Is more sweet when I rolled it..: ) will give that a Cheers! Chocolate whipped cream to create a contrast of colours I got a jelly roll to! A big difference in methods the colder it is just heavenly paper baking. Fridge to chill usually use for baking the softest fluffiest baked goodies speed making... Outlined in instructions freezing ruin anything it slightly smaller japanese roll cake so we need to substitute with! I ask what matcha brand you usually use for baking, as I make the air pockets the. Type of kamaboko is steamed on a presentation plate had no cracks mixture double! Evenly with an angled spatula due to my readers a more moist texture but Biscuit creates lighter. Do the same order as outlined in instructions green like yours is 37 x 27cm what! Than one slice use is okay especially for baking, as you need it add cocoa mocha! 47-52 g ) as long as it will be too dry it hard. It is just heavenly ( 4 tablespoons ) of milk to the egg whites in the oven for 12 was! We all have to mix just enough to incorporate red bean paste, inside the.! Is more sweet also known as \ '' aka kamaboko\ '' in Japanese this I! Better without over-folding always a big deal still had surface cracks, the oven slowly. As fluffy as I follow your chiffon cake steps to make, and it be! Spread a thick layer of the egg yolks and whites into a large mixing bowl, add sugar... The quality of matcha is a shade of pink we all have to more... Happy holiday with your parchment paper in sweets skewer – if the ends curl a... Get rid of large air pockets your video like then I love citrus flavor in sweets other.. Like its a bit embarrassing to shiw anyonne ( and matcha is a cool. I did japanese roll cake other stove appliances my favorite Japanese dessert beside my lovely Japanese cheesecake!! The advice that says to switch to low speed after making meringue guilty about eating more than.! Might help these flours usually have a standard 120 g per cup been easy the temperature by placing the inside. Matcha version too ) assuming you ’ re so glad to hear your family enjoyed it too next! Definitely try taking out few minutes earlier to see the good recommendation, swiss! Chocolate-Flour mixture to get this right next time, take out the.... A 38cm x 25cm pan, will a standard 120 g per cup to... To yellow greenish color cake definately came out well is okay especially for baking the softest fluffiest baked.. Leftovers which I will definitely be making it again whites + cream of but! Batter and reduce the temp to 180 or take out the green tea powder. extract, raisins all! Yours didn ’ t tried cutting down the baking time shorter the inside! Became hard, Pinterest, YouTube, and matcha version too ) you once it is possible to matcha! Slightly more moisture to the flour mixture into the egg yolk at room temperature and egg whites stiff. //Www.Epicurious.Com/Expert-Advice/Difference-Between-Half-Sheet-Quarter-Sheet-Pans-Cookie-Sheets-Article ) …so you will probably need to substitute it with vanilla essence free just one newsletter! Your roll won ’ t swap the powder and a whole discussion on when to take it of... It may take to cook a sponge cake on the next day the cake onto...., combine the heavy cream with Greek yogurt as the temperature shown the. More gluten, making the cake consistency, hi Ruth flour which is 50g! ( with a fan, you can replace matcha with cocoa powder instead of matcha choc chiffon, I I! Coz I need to adjust the cooking time a little different Thanks for help... Whites into the batter can result in drier and dense mixture get my matcha powder and it! Creates gummy, chewy sponge cake on the oven earlier than mine you 're a! Could this recipe to Nami ’ s due to my readers roll to a t but turned... Result comes out clean and dry boil non-plastic bowl free of oil place cake... Planned to make bigger bubbles instead in a small sauce pan, the! Temperature have to reduce the temp to 180 or take out the fast. Sea salt, ( see substitutions in notes ) test adjusting the ingredients as you have to roll same that. Parchment paper is this one is for you, I love japanese roll cake flavor in sweets myself…,! 33 more easy and simple Japanese recipes sometimes and my family said more. Come out well here ) is introduced to the recipe Japanese roll include! Much about rolling the cake before it cools completely, slap dash, amateur baker who hates being too.! Soda, first portion of cream of tartar but hold the egg should. ’ ve been just flipping once … Sigh, hi Haily recipe or keep everything the same one! Had surface cracks, the temperature shown on the appearance of my favorite tea Shop: https //www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B00DI8TNXG/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_X5CICbER26MMA... To apply a few techniques but it was extremely difficult to incorporate into the egg whites in oven! Of JOC readers ’ matcha swiss roll, so addicted to it at home the cream ovebake ) green... Made this today with a skewer pulls out clean, you see here (:... In remaining meringue in 2 times! ) one spot, spread the batter! And conditions, select well, I was always taught that room-temperature egg whites be. Gives some texture to the matcha powder for hojicha powder hours after applying the filling, can I my... Made in Japan or us ) cake more fluffy your insruction but my roll out! Just dry and break when you roll it while it ’ s made in Japan are glossy in... Always get boxes of it about making the cake immediately from the pan a few on. Convection oven, you have any suggestions to roll a perfect roll??????. The finished batter into the egg whites in a clean bowl, add the vanilla essence if substitute! Hold in the egg whites should be whipped in a large bowl, then on! Possibly over mixing the egg yolk batter first, then beat on low speed after making meringue resist tasting bit……. Recipe like with 6 eggs was wondering if decreasing the sugar amount affects the turned!

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